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Our goal is to build full-service state-of-the-art boutique premium toll Drying facilities (Hubs) throughout NZ, Aust and the Pacific.  

The first one will potentially be in a country outside NZ.  More news to follow!!!!

We will have more information on the “SAL” shortly.

It’s a toll processing facility i.e. “the Hub only sells full-service drying time slots” for businesses and the community in need of premium drying capacity for surplus or dedicated produce.

We will offer packaging services under the same export-certified roof. more 

Investment options are still available for subsequent Hubs is NZ and Australia ;

An investment is to provide capital for the rollout of Hubs in NZ and Australia.


Wholesale and sophisticated investors as per definitions set out in the Financial markets conducts act. 

A purpose-built human grade export certified animal and seafood premium toll drying facility (Hub) including Land, buildings, OVDMA driedfresh™ dryers, OVDMA IP and technology – more on the technology and its revenue creation in the data room 

Food drying holdings ltd (FDH) which is a fresh newly created company that has a conditional sale and purchase agreement with Dried products ltd and it’s subsidiaries Driedfresh Ltd, Dryco ltd to purchase all its assets including dryers, equipment, IP and knowhow. Details in the data room at Deloitte

A new highly qualified team has been formed which includes the founder/designer of the OVDMA technology – find out more in the data room.

This first HUB will be on leased landing and Buildings

The process has started and MOUs are being entered into. The intention is to have 80% of the capacity sold before commissioning. 

Drying foods on behalf of others

The hub will dry premium foods for time slots lessees to be preserved and sold at the highest value beating Freeze dried foods in nearly all aspects

A max 18hr slot to dry produce (some products can dry in half the time thereby halving the cost to the slot holder)

The time slots are tradeable – just contact us or your agent before the reserved time. The earlier the better the chance of selling/leasing the time slot to a casual user or The Food Drying co or another slot holder wanting more drying time.

Offshore – we will confirm shortly.

 4 months after commissioning

Yes – based on the available cash flow model which can be viewed in the data room

Yes – more information on priority investor status benefits in the data room.

The exit options are listed in the information memorandum available in the Data room

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