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Spectroscopy driven

About us

Welcome to our world of exclusive, avant-garde boutique premium Toll Drying centers – the ultimate produce preservation hub for animal, seafood, Petfood, Fruit, and Vegetable products.

Our cutting-edge Toll Drying Hubs serve as state-of-the-art facilities, complete with packaging and certifications that attest to human-grade quality, export readiness, and adherence to food standards.

Functioning as a toll processing facility, we specialize in providing dedicated time slots for businesses in search of top-tier drying capacity.

Our drying equipment features OVDMA dryers, meticulously crafted by driedfresh™ ltd.

To further enhance our offerings, we’ve established strategic partnerships with MPI, The Factory, and esteemed New Zealand scientists. These collaborations continually elevate both the technology and services available to our esteemed time slot clients.

This landing page serves as a gateway for interested parties to secure their time drying capacity slots. As we progress in building and expanding our facilities, this site will evolve to foster connections within our growing community. Anticipate exciting developments ahead!

Latest !!  We are in the process of developing our first Smart Agriculture Lifestyle (SAL) hub with 2 OVDMA dryers.

Secure Your Drying Capacity!

Reserve a time slot/s - each Hub has a Max. 2000 x 18hr slots

Regards to the First Hub Slots - Something will happen soon but we do not yet know the details. All the Petfood Slot bookings are on file and we will contact you when the Petfood Hub is confirmed
19 Slots available


None – it’s a toll operator only. The company sells time slots to the food producers

A time slot is an 18hr pre-paid drying slot in one of our dryers.

We intend to build Petfood – Animal and Seafood Hubs close to the source of the raw material which is abattoirs and fisheries. eg Waikato and Nelson. Sites identified so far – Animal/seafood (Waikato and Nelson)
Fruit Root Vege berries (Kerikeri, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, Nelson, Canterbury and Southland), Fiji for tropical produce ie Turmeric, mango, sour sop Kava…….  Australia and other Pacific Islands 

Currently set at $1,300.00 per 18hr time slot. We have generous early bird rates 

OVDMA Vacuum dryers designed by driedfresh ltd. These compete with Freeze Dryers but without the need to freeze the produce beforehand and throughout the drying process.

Spectroscopy is the study of the absorption and emission of light and other radiation by matter. It involves the splitting of light (or more precisely, electromagnetic radiation) into its constituent wavelengths (a spectrum), which is done in much the same way as a prism splits light into a rainbow of colors.

Spectroscopic sensors inside our vacuum chambers relay compound and molecular data to our servers for the drying algorithms to use when drying your produce to your exacting specification. 

between 20 -400kgs. It will depend on the density and end result eg powder or pieces.

Roughly up to 4 tons . It will depend on the density and end result eg powder or pieces. 

If less the cost stays the same but you may be able to get a number of batches in per slot or purchase another slot to balance against your drying times. eg say a batch takes 12 hours then 2 slots will cover 3 batches.

On a fixed term contract – 3 year term with right of renewal

The time slots are tradeable – just contact us or your agent before the reserved time. The earlier the better the chance of selling/leasing the time slot to a casual user or The Food Drying co or another slot holder wanting more drying time.

Yes – Confidential to slot holders

Contact us or your agent and we will try re-arranging the reserved time. We are building a user platform to trade slots and/or trade reserved dates with other slot owners or third parties.

Yes on a negotiated price with the company or use a purchased casual slot and only pay for the extra technical services needed. 

Yes – We will offer packaging services for your retail pouch  and/or  bulk packaging to customer specifications. 

We can provide aerobic bacteria count, water activity, moisture percentage plus detailed analysis from our dryer sensors – eg Brix, metals, soil testing, protein, compounds and other tbc. We retain a sample for independent testing.

We have a bulk produce shop that you can add your products to and we have buyers to introduce to you for produced dried at the Hubs.

We can offer protection in the form of a exclusive use agreement

Yes – although under consultation from the slot owner

Contact –  Richard Guy at  +64210319373 

Contact –  Richard Guy at  +64210319373 

Get In Touch to reserve a slot